Java Tea
(Orthosiphon - Cat's Whiskers - Misai Kucing)
A Remedy For Kidney and bladder stones Liver and gallbladder problems Urinary tract infections.

Orthosiphon is also taken for rheumatism and gout. Brief: Found throughout Southeast Asia and tropical Australia, the orthosiphon plant grows to a height of no more than 3 feet, producing blue to light violet flowers. Although it looks similar to peppermint, the plant has a dry, salty, bitter taste. The leaves and stem tips are used medicinally.

Orthosiphon has a mild diuretic action, useful for flushing the kidneys and urinary tract. It also relieves spasms of the smooth muscle in the walls of the internal organs, making it valuable for gallbladder problems.

Researchers have found it to be mildly antiseptic as well.

Uses :
It acts as a filtration in order to remove the commonest waste product, such as urea, or stone in the Kidney. It helps to control the normal micturition and to prevent low back pain. It helps to control the body temperature, such as muscle and joints pain, associated with colds.

Composition :
orthosiphonis folium 100%

Direction for use:
The sachet (10gr) is directly dissolved in hot water, when in used. Consume one or two sachet daily.

Note :
Java Tea also known as Orthosiphon Tea or Cat's Whiskers or Misai Kucing (Malaysia) or Kumis Kucing (Indonesia)

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Sun Kidney

Effect & Usage :
- Improved kisney function
- Reduced frequency of dialysis
- Safe to consume for long term

(Natural product, no chemical additive)

Ingredients :
Andrographis asculanta 30 %
Red Date 40 %
Orthosiphonis aristatus 10 %
Other ingredients 20%

Direction for use :
2 X 2 capsules daily after meal

Packing :
1 bottle contains @ 500 mg each:       

 60 capsules

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